Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Product image 1Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
Product image 2Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

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  • 100% Pure Mulberry Silk
  • 22 Momme thickness
  • International Standard / Queen 
  • 51cm x 76cm (20" x 30")
  • Includes 1 OFF-WHITE pillowcase

A hair and skin care essential.

Reduce bedhead and split ends
Silk pillowcases are recommended by hair specialists to avoid thinning of the hair which can be caused by sleeping on cotton pillowcases. Cotton pillowcases grasp and clutch singular strands of hair initiating hair breakage. Therefore, sleeping on silk encourages hair hydration, prevents hair from knotting, precludes split ends, and stimulates shinier hair. Sleeping on silk helps prevent morning bed hair by retaining your hair's regular moisture level. The gliding motion prevents hair breakage, split ends, pulling, and knotting. This is why our hair professionals at Silk Barbers highly recommend clients to switch to Silk pillowcases, especially if they have a Hairskeen system installed.

Have you ever woken up from a good sleep and realised that you have creases or lines imprinted on your face? This is caused from the friction and the creases of the fabric from your cotton pillowcase which damages and irritates your skin. Statistics indicate that silk pillowcases preserve and sustain natural skin moisture. Silk pillowcases have anti-absorbent properties that do not absorb as much creams, serums or treatments as cotton pillowcases. Silk also contains proteins and enzymes that generate collagen. The gliding motion that our silk pillowcases generate, provides an avenue for anti-ageing and prevent wrinkles and crease imprints.

Improved health
Anyone who is suffering from asthma, eczema, allergies or is prone to acne this is the pillowcase for you! Dermatologist have recommended the use of silk pillowcases as there are many advantages and benefits. Silk fabric is known to be the most natural hypoallergenic assisting individual’s with itchy irritated or dried skin. It is also anti-bacterial, which minimises symptoms associated with sensitivity and skin types prone to acne.

Better sleep
Unlike other fibres that do not manage heat temperatures, silk is a natural fibre that retains and subtracts heat. Silk maintains your body temperature as it is a natural thermal regulator. Heat is detained through cold temperatures and detracted during warmer temperatures. Ultimately, silk adapts to your body’s natural temperatures by warming your body in the cold and cooling it during those hot summer nights.

How do I take care of my silk pillowcase?
Mr Silk pillowcases are tough yet sensitive. Hand washing is ideal; however, if you must use a washing machine, it is recommend to use a delicate wash bag to avoid your pillowcase getting caught and torn by your other laundry items! ONLY use ph neutral liquid and/or fabric softener. Water must be cold, and never use bleach or tumble dry. You are allowed to iron your pillowcase, but you will need to ensure your iron is set on cool, and you will need to flip your pillowcase inside-out. 

What is a 'momme'?
Momme weight is a standard way of measuring the weight of silk. The higher the momme weight, the heavier the fabric, which means a greater amount of silk was used in the weaving process. Our pillowcases guarantee a measurement of 22 momme, ensuring a high quality and longer lasting experience.

Silk Barbers is an official stockist of MR SILK products. 

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100% mulberry silk (22 momme) pillowcases - discounted! 

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