Meet the Team

Jaymz Haven: Owner / Master Barber
Certificate III of Barbering
With a history of working with heavy machinery, as well as dappling in graphics and freehand sketching, it made sense for Jaymz to delve with his heart and soul into the barbering profession. With his artistic eye for sculpting and design, and his mastery with the tools - backed up with formal certification, plus training with international barber mentors from the UK and the USA - Jaymz has been lifting the industry with his passion for hair care, styling, and customer service. No matter your hair type - straight, wavy, or afro - He's your man for the cut, the style, and the banter. Instagram: @jaymzhaven

Porcelain Silence: Beauty Therapist
Diploma of Beauty Therapy
Her long-standing professional career in the performing arts taught Porcelain the importance of self-care through beauty and wellness therapies. Now off-stage, Porcelain is dedicated to helping you look and feel your best so you too can perform at your peak!

Blue Dreams: Founder of SILK+PUP
Blue the fluffy chihuahua (thinks he) is the boss. As Blue grew fluffier in life, his thick coat became troublesome. A "dog soap" that Mummy found online made him constantly itch, and Daddy couldn't keep up with the dreads that formed behind Blue's ears. Blue thought long and hard to find a solution to help Mummy and Daddy care for him better, so he came up with Silk+Pup - A natural plant-based shampoo and spritzer to keep all pups like Blue feeling and smelling fresh! Instagram: @silkandpup

Stephen: Master Shoe Repairer
Stephen is a distinguished master of cobbler practices, a unique dying art and meticulous trade that is rising in demand within the world of luxury footwear and leather goods. His unrelenting passion for shoes has seen him working 35 years strong in the shoe repair industry - from training other cobblers, to opening multiple shoe repair shops along a train line from Carnegie into Melbourne CBD. Today, he is proud to offer his professional craftsmanship to the community at Silk Barbers. Instagram: @silkshoerepairs

Janice Fung: Business & Marketing Manager

Often referred to as the 'silk' behind the 'barber', the marketing and operations of the shop are an extension of Janice's visions. Having grown up in a hair salon, as her mother is a stylist, running a barbershop could feel no closer to home! In response to Jaymz' frustration with the many harsh hair products on the market, Janice sought collaboration with an Australian manufacturer to source premium products made from natural and organic ingredients. Instagram: @jani.fu

Edwin Reese: Online Marketing
Edwin offers entrepreneurial wisdom and digital marketing expertise to the Silk Barbers vision. He is also a talented photographer and videographer, specialising in in online media, commercial imaging, and clips. Instagram: @organicphotographer

Hans Kek: Visual Communication Designer
The incredible artist behind the visuals of Silk Barbers, from our logo to our product designs, Silk Barbers wouldn't be the same without his creative touch! Instagram: @hanskek  




SILK Barbers was founded by Jaymz Haven and Janice Fung in 2016 with the vision of creating a community-focused barber shop and product line with avant-garde service.

SILK stands for "Style Is Love Kindness". 

Read our story here.

Jaymz, who has a Cert III in Barbering (Kangan Institute, offering the first barber course since 1980), began the Silk Barbers initiative with Janice after overcoming years of homelessness and personal hardships.

“By not cutting any corners and being honest with myself, I’ve found not just a path, but a passion that I can share with others. SILK is the power to change the world one happy client at a time.” — Jaymz Haven

More than just haircuts, Jaymz found a path to not only help himself but also others through his passion. He believes his role as a professional barber is more than just providing haircuts, but also motivation. An experience in the SILK barber chair not only leaves you looking fresh, but also feeling fresh as you leave with a sense of encouragement to be the best version of yourself beyond just your aesthetics. 



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