Matte & Textured

For a laid back textured look, apply a generous amount of Ocean Mist to towel-dried hair, then style with your fingertips. For an edgy textured look with added volume, take a small scoop of Clay (smaller than a 5 cent piece), and warm it between your palms to a playable consistency. Remember, less is more. With open hands, run your fingers back and forth through your hair like a comb, allowing your palms to evenly disperse the product through the mid-lengths and ends. Style as desired with your fingertips or a denman brush.

For best results: Clay tends to absorb moisture from your hair to achieve volume. Therefore, if your hair is dry/damaged to start off with, we recommend conditioning your hair with Moisturising Repair Spray prior to applying Clay. To achieve more volume, style with a blow dryer as desired before applying the ClayTo avoid damage from heat exposure, use Moisturising Heat Protection Spray.

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