The Perfect Shave at Silk Barbers: Up Close & Personalised

A professional shave, beard trim, or haircut is the marriage between art and science - a barber must understand the nature of your hair, and must have an artistic eye to bring structure and order back to your look. We're about to give you a tease of an insight into the method behind the perfect shave at Silk Barbers.


1. Setting the vibe
You don't visit your barber just to get a shave. You're there to chillax! De-stress to good tunes on pristine speakers, recline on a wide leather chair with back support and all, and a bit of aroma therapy will get you floating.

2. Still floating
So while you're in your zen place, the barber will pat on some pre-shave oil (or a warm lather, depending on your skin type) to protect, moisturise, and nourish your skin. Your whiskers are like wire compared to other hair, so the barber will soften them with a steaming towel.

3. Steam, lather, steam, lather...
A razor is about to caress your throat, so that oil or lather is needed to form a protective barrier for the smoothest first-time-over shave. Depending on the courseness of your hair, the barber is going to steam and lather and steam and lather until your hair cuticles are soft enough for a luxurious shear.

4. Like shaving rolls of very fine chocolate
With gentle pressure, the artist is at work - Shaving with the grain, following the different directions of growth, and carving a masterpiece. If you request for a closer shave, you'll be taken for another relaxing round of lather and steam, then a second-time-over shave against the grain will be performed. Note that not every blade will give that aerodynamic feel - Silk Barbers is pedantic when it comes to shaving, and we've tested a handful of steel to find the most comfortable edge for our clients.

5. First impressions
To bring you back down to Earth, your journey concludes with a massage of light moisturiser to revitilise the skin, followed by a refreshing cold towel, and a soothing after-shave or powder. The deal is then sealed with your favoured cologne for that best first impression, and you'll walk out with that lingering SILK feeling.
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