Easy Care for Dry and Curly Hair

Need easy advice for how to control frizz for curly hairstyles? We asked an expert. Jourdain is not only known for his groovy music and performances, he rocks a very healthy and iconic afro! We spoke to the young Australian star to get tips from what he does to care for his dry and curly hair.

1.What is your hair type?
Naturally dry curly hair.
2.Do you have any hair issues?
Curly fro has a tendency to be very frizzy, and my scalp can become irritated. My large fro can become flattened and knotted if I don't comb my fingers through it often.
3.How do you usually look after your hair?
I have a special routine for my hair (after much trial and error). I use a scalp treatment every now and then to nourish my scalp, and the occasional moisturizing treatment on both scalp and hair.
4.What do you usually look for in a shampoo or hair product?
I find moisturising shampoos work well on my hair and keep my scalp healthy and not aggravated. I don't overuse product, and I don't over blow dry.
5.Any final comments?
A good barber makes all the difference, and a good cut from a skilled barber works great for my hair type. (Book now for an exclusive cut at Silk Barbers!)

"Jourdain is a professional singer, songwriter, guitarist from Australia... (He) has been entertaining and performing since he was young, and is best known as the popular Runner Up on Australia's Got Talent at only 13 years of age. Having performed around the world on big stages, stadiums and on your TV screen and in magazines since he was young, he is most at home on the stage..." Source: Jourdain Music (Facebook)

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